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TSA Sing-Along

The good folks at Reason.tv have released an educational music video about the TSA featuring singer-songwriter-comedian Remy. Worth watching.

The Environmental-Industrial Complex

Sometimes the green part of green regulations isn’t the environment. It’s money.

Economics says that people act according to their incentives. Public choice theorists say that politicians and regulators also act according to their incentives — just like the rest of us. Those incentives include maximizing agency budgets and winning elections.

This short video from Reason.tv shows public choice theory in action:

May Cooler Heads Prevail

Intentions Are Not Results

Brownies around the Web

My colleague Lee Doren made a short video on the Pentagon’s 26-page brownie recipe. Have a look:

NPR’s All Things Considered also ran a segment on the recipe over the weekend. They had a local chef prepare brownies according to the directions, and dug up a streamlined version of the recipe that is — wait for it — 31 pages long. Have a listen here.

The humor site Fark picked up on Reason‘s write-up.

So did food sites like Chow and Slashfood.

The Chicago Tribune has a blurb on it, St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an editorial, and the tabloid Weekly World News has its own article. The Huffington Post covered the story, along with their friends across the aisle at National Review.

CBS News picked up on it, along with Canada’s The Globe and Mail.

Lots of bloggers are having at it as well, including Instapundit.

Good to see so many people from across the political spectrum coming together for a good laugh!

Federal Regulations and You: Partners in Democracy!

This new video from Reason.tv is great.

New Reason Video on the TSA