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TSA Sing-Along

The good folks at Reason.tv have released an educational music video about the TSA featuring singer-songwriter-comedian Remy. Worth watching.

Where Are the TSA’s Full-Body Scanners?

Here is the TSA’s list of airports that use full-body scanners. Worth a look before your next flight.


Air Travel: A Touching Experience

Dave Barry writes about his first encounter with the TSA’s strictly enforced new policy of touching passengers’ genitalia.

I will experience this for myself this holiday season. If the choice is between some bureaucrat either touching my ding-dong or taking a picture of it, I suppose I’ll take the groping. Full-body scans are a more permanent indignity.The TSA claims that it destroys its nude pictures. But that claim is inaccurate. The machines automatically save the images.

Or maybe I’ll drive, even though it’s statistically more dangerous.

I hate the holidays.

Regulation of the Day 97: Full Body Scans and Child Protection Laws

Sometimes, when two regulations love each other very much, they get together and have little baby regulations. This is happening right now in Britain.

Full body scans are coming into use at many UK airport security checkpoints. Since screeners essentially see all passengers naked, the scans run afoul of child protection laws for passengers under 18.

The thought of pedophiles using the body scan images for their own sick ends is decidedly creepy. So the British government is taking steps to keep that from happening. Those steps include:

-Exempting everyone under 18 from being scanned. This defeats the security purpose of the scanners.

-Moving the scanner operators out of sight of passengers. That keeps the scanner images anonymous. But it doesn’t prevent perverts from seeing things they shouldn’t.

There is an easier way: don’t do full body scans. They do more to make people feel safe than to actually make them safe.

Reinforced cockpit doors, proactive passengers, and checked baggage screening are much more effective. And they’re already in place. Besides, terrorist attacks are rare. Full-body scans are an over-reaction. The resources spent on them have other, better uses.