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CEI Podcast for July 24, 2014: Victory in Halbig v. Burwell

General Counsel Sam Kazman talks about what the Halbig decision means for the Affordable Care Act, as well as broader principles such as taxation without representation and the rule of law. Click here to listen.


CEI Podcast for July 15, 2014: Time to Close the Export-Import Bank

ex-im logoCEI Fellow Ryan Young is author of the new CEI study, “Ten Reasons to Abolish the Export-Import Bank.” Click here to listen.

CEI Podcast for July 10, 2014: The Wire Act and Online Gambling

online poker
Michelle Minton argues that the Wire Act applies only to interstate sports gambling, not online gambling as a whole. The Wire Act’s 50-year history is on her side. Click here to listen.

CEI Podcast for July 1, 2014: John Holdren’s Poor Data Quality Control

General Counsel Sam Kazman talks about presidential science advisor John Holdren’s refusal to comply with the federal Data Quality Act when CEI questioned some discredited scientific statements in a video he put up on an official White House website. Click here to listen.

CEI Podcast for June 24, 2014: TSA Still Flouting the Law on Body Scanners

Marc Scribner notes the one-year anniversary of a comment period deadline on the TSA’s use of body scanners in airports, as was ordered by a federal court in July 2011. The agency is still in violation of federal law and the court’s order. Click here to listen.

CEI Podcast for June 17, 2014: CEI Celebrates 30 Years

CEI celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this week at its annual dinner. Founder and Chairman Fred Smith talks about CEI’s past and future successes.

Click here to listen.

CEI Podcast for June 12, 2014: CEI Sues the NSA

General Counsel Sam Kazman breaks down the case. Click here to listen.

CEI Podcast for June 3, 2014: EPA Proposes Major Carbon Emission Regulation

springfield nuclear power plant
Have a listen here.

Senior Fellow William Yeatman breaks down a proposed EPA regulation intended to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the U.S.

CEI Podcast for May 29, 2014: Rachel Was Wrong

screen-shot-2014-05-27-at-9-34-56-amHave a listen here.

Google recently commemorated Rachel Carson and her influential book Silent Spring with a Google Doodle on its homepage. Seeing as Carson’s book set malaria prevention back decades, CEI Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini thinks there are other figures more deserving of such tributes.

CEI Podcast for May 20, 2014: Phones On a Plane

samuel jackson plane
Have a listen here.

CEI Fellow Marc Scribner supports the FCC’s attempt to lift a ban on in-flight cell phone use, and explains its broader legal ramifications.