Young 180627Ryan Young is a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. His research focuses on regulatory reform, trade policy, antitrust regulation, and a few other issues. His writing has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, The HillInvestor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Fortune, and dozens of other publications. He is a frequent guest on radio programs across the country, been interviewed by outlets including The Huffington Post and Voice of America, and been cited in media outlets including ABC News, CNN, and London’s City AM. He also formerly hosted the CEI Podcast, and writes the popular “This Week in Ridiculous Regulations” series for CEI’s staff blog.

Ryan holds an M.A. in economics from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and a B.A. in history from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. He was previously CEI’s 2009-2010 Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellow. Before joining CEI, he worked in the Cato Institute’s government affairs department.

Twitter: @RegoftheDay

This is my personal blog. I use it mostly to archive my published material, but there is some original content as well. All opinions expressed here are my own, and not necessarily my employer’s.


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