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In the News: China Phase One Trade Deal

I am briefly quoted in a lengthy Washington Times story about the Phase One trade deal with China that was signed this week.

In the News: China Trade

I can’t read the article due to a paywall, but I am quoted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the just-signed Phase One of a trade agreement with China.

In the Media: Regulation

Wayne Crews and I are both quoted in an Epoch Times writeup on regulatory burdens in 2019.

In the Media: USMCA

Yesterday’s New York Times notes CEI’s opposition to USMCA:

Free traders have also panned the deal, which aims to encourage North American manufacturing by raising barriers to products made outside the continent. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a nonprofit public policy organization that advocates limited government, announced that the new agreement’s “trade-unrelated provisions and political giveaways set precedents that could harm future trade agreements for decades to come.”

Full article here. Iain Murray’s and my joint statement opposing USMCA is here.

In the Media: USMCA

The Wall Street Journal‘s Jeffrey Sparshott quotes me in this morning’s Real Time Economics newsletter:

Don’t Call it Nafta

The House of Representatives approved President Trump’s amended North American trade pact on Thursday. The U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA, passed by a 385 to 41 vote. The Senate is expected to approve the legislation early next year, after which the president would sign it into law. Mexico’s Senate has approved the deal, but it needs ratification in Canada to enter into force and replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, or Nafta.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Ryan Young: “Its economic impact will be almost too small to measure.”

The newsletter is here. My original statement is here. Iain Murray and I came out against USMCA here.

On the Radio: China Trade

On Monday, December 16 at 6:35 AM ET, I’ll be on Richmond’s Morning News with John Reid on WRVA to talk China and trade.

That’s 5:35 AM for me here in the Central time zone. Fortunately, I’m always happy to talk trade policy.

In the News: Tariffs and Solar Panels

Jessica Towhey quotes me in a syndicated op-ed for Inside Sources about how trade barriers are hurting the market for solar energy:

“China protects its solar makers,” said Ryan Young, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “We can’t copy the mistakes they’re making right now. We can’t insulate the industry from competitive pressures. In the long run, that’s going to hurt the solar industry.”

Read the whole piece here.