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In the News: Minimum Wage

Ingrid Case at Employee Benefit News has a thorough writeup of my recent minimum wage paper.

The article is here. The paper is here.


In the News: Minimum Wage Tradeoffs

Here is a writeup of my recent minimum wage paper being syndicated to local newspapers by the Center Square. The full paper is here.

On the Radio: Minimum Wage Tradeoffs

I recently appeared on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show to talk about my recent minimum wage paper. My segment starts at about 28:00 into this YouTube video of the show.

Antitrust in the Washington Post

My colleague Jessica Melugin is quoted, and Wayne Crews’ and my paper is linked to, in Tony Romm’s column about the state-level Google antitrust investigation being headed by Texas’ state attorney general:

But the timing of the states’ latest investigation — and the optics of their announcement — still triggered criticism that the attorneys general hoped to leverage their work for political gain. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a advocacy group that opposes antitrust law and has received contributions from Google, blasted the probe in September as an exercise that would “benefit state AGs’ political ambitions, but impose harmful costs on consumers, businesses, and the economy.”

The whole article is here; Jess’ statement is here; the paper is here.

Corporate Welfare in Illinois

The state of Illinois is implementing a tax break for new cloud data storage centers located in the state. The Center Square’s Greg Bishop quotes me in a story about it:

A special carve out for data centers is bad policy, Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Ryan Young.

“A principle of good policy is that the rules should apply to everyone, not just a select few,” Young said. “By that measure, Illinois’ tax break for cloud data centers is bad policy.”

Young said Illinois’ exemptions applies to one sector and is only available to large companies.

“The sales tax exemption requires a $250 million upfront capital investment, which more or less restricts it to the Googles, Amazons and Oracles of the world,” Young said. “None of these companies need the help.”

He said if the point of the tax break is to make Illinois a better place to do business, then why not apply it to everyone.

“This tax break is corporate welfare, plain and simple,” Young said.

“Given Illinois’ perilous fiscal situation, the state’s taxpayers would be better served if Springfield concentrated its efforts on reducing spending and deficits rather than doing favors for profitable businesses,” Young said.

Read the whole thing here.

In the News: Minimum Wage

Bethany Blankley has a writeup of my recent minimum wage study.

Reason‘s Eric Boehm also included a mention in a daily roundup.

The full paper is here.

Price Controls and Health Insurance

I’m quoted in a Fox News piece about Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s health care plan:

Ryan Young, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Fox News that consumers would continue facing high costs even with reduced premiums. on Thursday. “Their lower premiums would not reduce health care costs, either. They would have to be made up for with some mix of higher taxes, increased debt, lower health care quality, slower innovation, and reduced availability. Price controls are not a free lunch,” he said on Thursday.

The article is here. Similar arguments apply to other candidates’ proposals from both parties, which mostly tinker around the edges of a system already mostly built around third-party payments intended to insulate costs.