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McDonald’s and the Minimum Wage

McDonald’s recently announced it will decline to oppose minimum wage increases. The Washington Examiner‘s Sean Higgins has a good writeup about the decision, in which I am briefly quoted.


State of the Union and Trade

Kenneth Rapoza, in a Forbes column, quotes Iain Murray and me on trade:

“Over the past two years, President Trump doubled tariffs in the United States, allies and adversaries have reciprocated, and the economic effects are already visible,” Competitive Enterprise Institute fellows Ryan Young and Iain Murray wrote in an op-ed published on the Fox Business Network website on February 3 [correction: January 3]. “The president may not reverse course on trade, but Congress should take action,” they wrote, telling the new Democratic House of Representatives to “repeal all of the new tariffs” and prevent the president from unilaterally enacting new ones.

Read the whole piece here.

NAFTA/USMCA Ratification Politics

A story in Canada’s The Globe and Mail quotes me on the NAFTA/USMCA trade deal negotiations between Congress and President Trump. The article is behind a paywall, but here’s my cameo:

There is also the possibility that the Democrats will use it as a bargaining chip to force the administration to agree to unrelated party priorities: The Democrats are pushing for more infrastructure spending, improved health care and immigration changes.

“USMCA has a great deal of symbolic value to the Trump administration. The President will lose face if he can’t get it passed,” said Ryan Young, a trade expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute think tank. “That means House Democrats hold all the cards. They can refuse to pass USMCA out of spite, or they can offer to ratify USMCA in exchange for concessions.”

Minimum Wages Have Tradeoffs

Quoted in an article noting that minimum wages are not a free benefit; they come with tradeoffs.

Reciprocal Tariff Act Backlash

I’m quoted in an article about backlash to the Reciprocal Trade Act. The bill would increase presidential power to raise tariffs.

Unemployment, Taxes, and Spending

Alongside Charles W. Baird, whose writing I have enjoyed since my high school and college days in FEE’s The Freeman magazine (then called Ideas on Liberty), I am quoted in a Heartland Institute piece on unemployment and how to keep it low.

It’s Not What it Looks Like

According to Google, I was recently cited in an article on It isn’t nearly as saucy as the URL implies.