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On the Radio: Income Inequality

Regular readers know that Iain Murray and I recently released a pair of papers on economic inequality, People, Not Ratios and The Rising Tide. I had the opportunity to sit down with RealClear Radio Hour‘s Bill Frezza to discuss them while in DC recently to attend CEI’s annual dinner.

My segment was sandwiched between Clemson University economist Bruce Yandle, of Baptist and Bootleggers fame, and Steve Forbes. I deserve no place on such a billing, and can only consider it an honor.

The show, as aired, is here. Yandle and Forbes, as always, are essential listening.

An extended version of my segment is here.


Minimum Wage Is No Panacea

I recently spoke to a reporter about the minimum wage’s tradeoffs: it helps some people, but at the cost of hurting other people. Here’s the writeup.

Regulation in the News

An otherwise-excellent Daily Caller writeup by Michael Bastach cites some of my research on the recent surge in regulatory activity.

Inequality Coverage

Iain Murray’s and my new papers on inequality, People, Not Ratios and The Rising Tide, have gotten some good coverage.

Kudos to CEI’s communications team for all their hard work. More to come.

Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage

A short writeup of Seattle’s new $15 minimum wage quotes me.

Minimum Wages and Tradeoffs

An otherwise-excellent article by Connor Wolf in the Daily Caller on how the minimum wage affects young workers quotes me.

Minimum Wages and Tradeoffs, Cont’d.

I’m briefly mentioned in a CNS article on proposed minimum wage increases.