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In the Media: Trade

The Washington Examiner‘s Sean Higgins quotes me in a piece looking ahead to trade policy in 2020:

Ryan Young, a trade policy expert at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, expects that Trump will ratchet up the trade wars because tariffs seem to be the only strategy he has. Pulling back from the trade war would mean not getting concessions from Beijing. “Trump is getting frustrated that he is not getting the results that he wants, but instead of trying something else, he is going to lean on tariffs, because that is his primary engine of policy,” Young said. “I don’t see him using anything else.”

Read the whole thing here.

In the Media: Tariffs

I am quoted on President Trump’s new steel and aluminum tariffs against Brazil and Argentina in Politico ‘s Morning Money and The Washington Times.

In the Media: Export-Import Bank

Over at Foreign Policy, Keith Johnson has a thorough article on the Export-Import Bank battle. The whole thing is worth reading. He also quotes me in a few places:

“It’s the ‘they do it, too’ fallacy,” said Ryan Young of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “The U.S. should not copy a Chinese policy mistake.”

“There is no traction right now for any bill” in the Senate, Young said—especially one that would reauthorize the agency for 10 years, giving little chance at congressional oversight in the meantime.

“When Ex-Im went away, exports still bloomed,” Young said. Even at full capacity, the bank used to underwrite only about $20 billion worth of deals a year—a tiny fraction of overall U.S. exports. “Almost 99 percent of U.S. exports happen without Ex-Im involvement,” he said.

Read the whole thing here.

In the News: Target and Minimum Wages

Reason‘s Eric Boehm quotes me in an article about unintended tradeoffs of Target’s $15 internal starting wage.

My recent paper on minimum wage tradeoffs is here.

In the News: Minimum Wages

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier‘s Marco Cartolano quotes me in an article about minimum wage increases in Illinois and Florida.

My recent paper on minimum wage tradeoffs is here.

In the News: Minimum Wage

Ingrid Case at Employee Benefit News has a thorough writeup of my recent minimum wage paper.

The article is here. The paper is here.

In the News: Minimum Wage Tradeoffs

Here is a writeup of my recent minimum wage paper being syndicated to local newspapers by the Center Square. The full paper is here.