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Podcast: Reforming #NeverNeeded Regulations

Mitch Kokai at the John Locke Foundation was kind enough to invite me on his HeadLocke Podcast to talk about #NeverNeeded regulations that are harming the pandemic response, and how to reform them. We discuss individual rules as well as the need to reform the rulemaking process itself that generates 3,000 or so new regulations each year.

The John Locke Foundation also has released a Rebound Plan for North Carolina, where the organization is based—the basketball reference is a nice touch. It contains COVID-related reform ideas for a variety of issues including health care, education, and of course, regulation. Many of the ideas can be applied in other states and at the federal level. It pairs well with CEI’s new 2020 edition of Ten Thousand Commandments.

The podcast is here. The Carolina Rebound Plan is hereTen Thousand Commandments 2020 is here. And CEI’s #NeverNeeded site is here.

#NeverNeeded Reg Reform Event on YouTube

This morning’s CEI Zoom event is now on YouTube. Following remarks by OIRA head Paul Ray, Kent Lassman, Wayne Crews, and I discuss regulatory reforms and Wayne’s new Ten Thousand Commandments report. Excerpts from the event are viewable here.

Has Trump Been a Net Deregulator?

Pierre Lemieux, in the cover story of the new Summer 2020 issue of the Cato Institute’s Regulation magazine, draws from the new 2020 edition of Ten Thousand Commandments to estimate the Trump administration’s net impact on regulation:

Trump’s Executive Order 13771, signed January 30, 2017, mandated the elimination of two existing rules (or formal regulations) for any new one implemented. The latest edition of regulatory analyst Clyde Wayne Crews’s annual report Ten Thousand Commandments notes that this goal was more than achieved over the first three years of the Trump administration. However, Crews adds, last year showed a notable loss of momentum as there were more regulatory actions than deregulatory actions in the pipeline at the end of 2019.


Figure 5, which gives the number of pages in the CFR [Code of Federal Regulations] over time, suggests that the Trump administration has roughly capped the total volume of federal regulations at, or slightly over, the 185,000 pages they comprised at the end of the Obama presidency. According to this measure, the Trump administration stopped the growth of regulation, but it did not deregulate. Ryan Young, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and colleague of Crews, summarizes the situation:

President Trump’s first three years of regulation are mixed. He deregulated in some areas and added new burdens in others. Transparency problems and poor data quality from agencies make it impossible to tell for certain if Trump has been a net deregulator. The most likely verdict is that he has slowed regulatory growth but has not cut regulation on net.

The whole article is excellent. Pierre gives a superb summary of the last three years of economic policy. Wayne Crews’s Ten Thousand Commandments study is here. Wayne and I offer an op-ed length summary of the report here.

On the Radio: Deregulation Executive Order

Today at 2:30 PT, I will appear on the Lars Larson show to talk about President Trump’s recet Executive Order encouraging agencies to permanently repeal #NeverNeeded regulations waived during the coronavirus response.

On the Radio: #NeverNeeded Regulations

At 7:15 ET today, I’ll appear on the Lars Larson Show to talk about #NeverNeeded regulations.

CEI #NeverNeeded Panel Event Now on YouTube

The link is here. The speakers include my colleagues Kent Lassman, Iain Murray, and me.

For the next several weeks, there will be new online events each Tuesday featuring CEI experts on a variety of reform areas. More information is at

On the Radio: #NeverNeeded

Tomorrow I am doing an interview on #NeverNeeded regulations with the John Batchelor Show. Not sure when the segment will air, but keep an eye out.

On the Radio: Tariffs and #NeverNeeded

This morning I was on the David Webb Show on SiriusXM’s Patriot channel to talk about possible tariff suspensions and how they would stimulate the economy. We also discussed the #NeverNeeded movement and how it would assist the coronavirus response while strengthening long-term economic fundamentals.

I’ll update this post with audio if I find a link.

On the Radio: #NeverNeeded

Last week I appeared on the Lars Larson Show, FreedomWorks with Paul Molloy, and the Alan Nathan Show to discuss regulations that governments are suspending across the country during the coronavirus. Many of these rules were never needed in the first place. For more examples, see the #NeverNeeded hashtag on Twitter.

I’ll update this post with links to audio if I can find them.

In the News: Flash Policy

I am quoted in a Fox News piece warning against hasty “flash policy” responses from Washington to the coronavirus.

CEI senior fellow Ryan Young similarly told Fox News that the government should consider removing tariffs and speeding up regularly approval for coronavirus treatments. “The Fed should not be responding to a medical emergency with misguided ‘flash policy’ stimulus,” he said.

Whole story here. Don’t be scared, but do take coronavirus seriously. Stay safe, everyone. And Washington is not the place to look to for leadership.