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On the Radio: Economic Recovery and Regulation

This morning, I was on the Tampa, FL-based Freedom Works show with Paul Molloy to talk about June’s jobs report and how vaccinations and regulatory reform can keep the COVID recovery going strong. The 10-minute segment is somewhere in this podcast version of the show.

Tomorrow, July 7, I’ll be on the Lars Larson Show at about 7:15 PM ET to talk about the new Ten Thousand Commandments report.

On the Radio: Ten Thousand Commandments

I was recently on the Mark Reardon Show on KFTK in St. Louis to talk about CEI’s new Ten Thousand Commandments report.

The audio is here, and starts about 23 minutes in.

In the News: DC’s Amazon Antitrust Case

Canada’s Les Affaires quotes me, in French, on the DC attorney general’s Amazon antitrust case that he filed yesterday Note that I am not sophisticated enough to speak French, and can barely read it well enough to get the gist of it. This is translated from an earlier statement:

Cela nuirait aussi aux PME, qui sont déjà suffisamment en difficulté en ce moment», a abondé Ryan Young, un analyste du centre de réflexion Competitive Enterprise Institute. 

Il estime en outre qu’Amazon fait déjà face à de la compétition de la part de Walmart, qui a sa propre plateforme de e-commerce ouverte aux tiers, ainsi que d’autres sites comme Ebay, Etsy ou Shopify.

In the News: Inflation

About a week ago, I was quoted in another Center Square story on inflation.

In the News: Inflation

I was recently quoted in a Center Square article about the recent uptick in inflation. Also quoted in the article is George Selgin, who unlike me is one of the top monetary economists in the country.

Read the whole thing here.

On the Radio: Apple’s EU Antitrust Case

On Friday, I discussed the EU’s new antitrust case against Apple on the Lars Larson show. Audio is here.

In the News: Hawley’s Antitrust Bill

A Fox News writeup of Sen. Josh Hawley’s newest antitrust bill quotes my colleague Jessica Melugin and me:

“[H]is claims that the industry, ‘hasn’t been a success … for the American economy,’ don’t ring true for so many Americans that are employed by or invested in these economic powerhouses, not to mention the millions of consumers who enjoy tech products,” Jessica Melugin, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) Center for Technology and Innovation, said of Hawley’s merger-banning legislation. 

CEI Senior Fellow Ryan Young called Hawley’s broader anti-tech efforts “feel-good populism” that is “just another culture war issue.”

Read the whole thing here.

More on the Corporate Tax

Andrew Stuttaford, who edits National Review‘s policy-focused Capital Matters section, has a writeup in his daily newsletter on the consequences of a corporate tax increase, in which he quotes from my recent piece that ran on his site. Andrew’s analysis is excellent, and detailed.

The Washington Examiner‘s Sarah Westwood quotes me in an article about the proposed increase.

The Dispatch, an outlet founded by Jonah Goldberg to offer a less tribal voice for the right than the Trump-centered outlets, was also nice enough to draw from my National Review piece in their daily newsletter (scroll down to the “worth your time” section”.

I also discussed corporate taxes on the Rod Arquette show in Salt Lake City. I’ll post a link to the audio if I find one.

CEI Event: Agenda for Congress

CEI hosted a launch event yesterday for our biennial Agenda for Congress. Sen. Rand Paul gave the keynote address. My colleagues Sean Higgins, Iain Murray, and I spoke about the Agenda‘s reforms for labor, trade, and regulatory policy, respectively.

The event is on YouTube here. The Agenda for Congress is here.

Event: Reviving America after a Year of Chaos

Yesterday I spoke on a panel discussion hosted by the Pacific Legal Foundation. The topic was opportunities and challenges for enacting sound policy in the year to come. PLF president Steven Anderson moderated, and the other panelists included the State Policy Network‘s Jennifer Butler and Greg Brooks of the Better Cities Project.

The event is viewable on YouTube here.