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There Is No More Fat to Trim from Government Budgets

Over the last five years, the DC Metro has spent $2.4 million on back pay… for work that was never performed.

Some may be surprised to find out that labor unions were involved.

CEI Podcast for April 5, 2011: Reforming the Railway Labor Act

Have a listen here.

Russ Brown, a vice president at the Labor Relations Institute and a CEI Adjunct Analyst, talks about recent changes made to the Railway Labor Act that make it easier for airline workers to unionize. Brown recently co-authored a CEI OnPoint paper on the reforms. Congress voted against the changes in legislation, so they were passed via regulation instead. This is another example of regulation without representation.

CEI Podcast for February 24, 2011: On, Wisconsin

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Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray discusses the labor reforms that have led to a thousands-strong sustained protest in Madison, Wisconsin. While the reforms themselves are relatively minor, both sides know that the stakes are high. This may prove to be at a watershed moment in the relationship between public sector unions and taxpayers.