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Beat Those Cubs!

The Brewers were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs with last night’s 9-2 loss to the Giants. I’ve long gotten used to my beloved Brew Crew missing the playoffs. That’s why this despairing fan has set up secondary goals, such as beating the arch-rival Chicago Cubs.

Fortunately, this goal is still doable. The Brewers are 69-79 entering tonight’s game. The Cubs stand at 68-81. That puts the Brewers’ magic number at 13. Any combination of Brewer wins and Cub losses adding up to 13 will ensure that the Brewers end the season with a better record than the Cubs.

This blog will be keeping tabs, and hoping for the best.

Get Well Soon, Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker is having heart surgery on Friday. He’s expected to be fine, but it will be about three months before he’s back in the broadcasting booth. He was calling tonight’s Brewers game against the Pirates, though.

While we wish Bob a fast and full recovery, it’s worth linking to some of his finest work, which happened in 2007 during a series at Pittsburgh. A furry convention was being held in the same hotel the Brewers were staying at. Hilarity ensued. If you don’t know what a furry is, you can look at this Wikipedia page. Or you can listen to Bob’s take here and here. Even if you think baseball is boring, this will make you laugh.

Playoff Bound?

Baseball season might be less than a week old. But after three games, the Brewers are in first place. Their magic number to win the division stands at a mere 159.

You heard it here first: the Brewers are on pace to be the NL Central champions.

Maybe today’s signing of Yovani Gallardo to a five-year extension will help the cause. The team remains in talks with Prince Fielder to keep him out of pinstripes, which could happen as soon as this season if the team falls out of contention.

Spring Is Here

Snow is on the ground. But spring is here. The boys of summer are getting ready. Spring training is underway. The Brewers’ pitchers and catchers officially reported to camp yesterday. The first official workouts are today.

The team is looking good this year. The pitching will alm0st certainly be better than last year; nowhere to go but up, really. The offense probably won’t be quite what it was the last two years, but still looks pretty good. And the defense should be better, especially at shortstop and center field. Because attendance is so strong, the front office was able to push payroll to near $90 million, or a little less than half the Yankees’ payroll. Not bad for the smallest market in baseball.

Here’s hoping that leads to another playoff run.

Saints Win Super Bowl XLIV

For the third year in a row, the Super Bowl was a good one. Two years ago, the Giants upset the perfect Patriots, leading to the famous “18 and uh-oh” headline. Last year, the Cardinals battled the Steelers down to the wire in a game filled with ups, downs, and big plays. Today, the Saints fought off an early deficit to beat the favored Colts in a close game. Congratulations to the Saints and their fans.

As I see it, there were two key plays. Both reflect the Saints’ high-risk style. The first was going for it on 4th-and-goal. It was the right decision, even though they failed. Make it, and you get a touchdown. But if you don’t, your opponent is pinned at the one-yard line. That is the last place your opponent wants to start a drive. And it’s exactly where you want your opponent to start a drive. Yes, Peyton Manning led a 96-yard drive during the game. But he couldn’t pull of this 99-yarder.

The other key play was the onside kick to start the second half. Most onside kicks fail. But nobody saw this coming. I mean nobody. When I first saw it, I thought the kicker shanked the ball. But the element of surprise worked. it didn’t look like the kick went the required ten yards. But a startled Colt touched the ball, and the Saints recovered fair and square.

Conventional NFL wisdom is that about the only way to beat the Colts is to keep the ball away from Peyton Manning. The Saints decided to apply that conventional wisdom in an unconventional way. And it worked.

So, again, this was a fun game to watch, congratulations to the victors, and here’s hoping my Packers will be in Super Bowl XLV.

Onward to baseball season!

Super Sunday

The Super Bowl starts in about four hours. I’m wearing my Aaron Rodgers jersey since I wish the Packers were playing, but I’ll be rooting for the Saints. In 43 seasons as a franchise, this is their first Super Bowl trip. As someone who grew up rooting for perpetually losing teams, I feel Saints fans’ pain. It would be good to see them win. Peyton Manning and the Colts got their rings a few years ago. I was rooting for them that day, not least because they played against the Bears.

After the game is over, an excruciatingly long 13 day wait begins. On that glorious day of February 20,  pitchers and catchers report for spring training. And my Brewers are looking pretty good this year. Their offense still looks top-notch. And they’ve done about as much as they could to improve their league-worst pitching staff. New pitching coach, lots of roster turnover. Can’t wait to see if the moves do any good.

Salary Cap?

Even though the Yankees have a payroll 1/3 larger than any other team, I don’t think baseball needs a salary cap. I say why over at the American Spectator Online.