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Cubs Watch, 10/1

Brewers 9, Mets 2.

Cubs 1, Padres 0.

The Brewers’ magic number is 1. The next Brewer win or Cub loss guarantees the Brewers a better record than the Cubs.

Milwaukee wraps up the season with three games against Cincinnati. The Reds have already clinched a division title, so they’re resting their starters. That improves Milwaukee’s chances.

Both teams have 3 games remaining.

Beat Those Cubs!

The Brewers were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs with last night’s 9-2 loss to the Giants. I’ve long gotten used to my beloved Brew Crew missing the playoffs. That’s why this despairing fan has set up secondary goals, such as beating the arch-rival Chicago Cubs.

Fortunately, this goal is still doable. The Brewers are 69-79 entering tonight’s game. The Cubs stand at 68-81. That puts the Brewers’ magic number at 13. Any combination of Brewer wins and Cub losses adding up to 13 will ensure that the Brewers end the season with a better record than the Cubs.

This blog will be keeping tabs, and hoping for the best.

Playoff Bound?

Baseball season might be less than a week old. But after three games, the Brewers are in first place. Their magic number to win the division stands at a mere 159.

You heard it here first: the Brewers are on pace to be the NL Central champions.

Maybe today’s signing of Yovani Gallardo to a five-year extension will help the cause. The team remains in talks with Prince Fielder to keep him out of pinstripes, which could happen as soon as this season if the team falls out of contention.