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Favre’s Lucrative Streak

The National Football Post is reporting that Brett Favre is already cashing in on his consecutive starts streak that ended last night. For a mere $499, you can have a signed football commemorating the streak.

Bears fans, on the other hand, had to endure starts by 23 different mostly mediocre quarterbacks during the streak. Just to rub it in, here’s the list:

  1. Jim Harbaugh
  2. Peter Tom Willis
  3. Will Furrer
  4. Erik Kramer
  5. Steve Walsh
  6. Dave Krieg
  7. Rick Mirer
  8. Steve Stenstrom
  9. Moses Moreno
  10. Shane Matthews
  11. Cade McNown
  12. Jim Miller
  13. Chris Chandler
  14. Henry Burris
  15. Kordell Stewart
  16. Rex Grossman
  17. Jonathan Quinn
  18. Craig Krenzel
  19. Chad Hutchinson
  20. Kyle Orton
  21. Brian Griese
  22. Jay Cutler
  23. Todd Collins

Cowboys Fire Wade Phillips

After falling 45-7 to the Packers, the 1-7 Dallas Cowboys decided to fire their head coach. Given the talent on the roster and their recent success, the Cowboys were massively underachieving. Phillips’ firing is not a surprise. This is roughly what their defense looked like yesterday:

NFL Free Agency begins Tonight

General Managers are salivating in front offices across the NFL. At 12:01am tonight, free agency begins.

This look at some past Dallas Cowboys free agent busts really caught me by suprise – Worst Cowboys free-agent signings: No. 2 Ryan Young

Saints Win Super Bowl XLIV

For the third year in a row, the Super Bowl was a good one. Two years ago, the Giants upset the perfect Patriots, leading to the famous “18 and uh-oh” headline. Last year, the Cardinals battled the Steelers down to the wire in a game filled with ups, downs, and big plays. Today, the Saints fought off an early deficit to beat the favored Colts in a close game. Congratulations to the Saints and their fans.

As I see it, there were two key plays. Both reflect the Saints’ high-risk style. The first was going for it on 4th-and-goal. It was the right decision, even though they failed. Make it, and you get a touchdown. But if you don’t, your opponent is pinned at the one-yard line. That is the last place your opponent wants to start a drive. And it’s exactly where you want your opponent to start a drive. Yes, Peyton Manning led a 96-yard drive during the game. But he couldn’t pull of this 99-yarder.

The other key play was the onside kick to start the second half. Most onside kicks fail. But nobody saw this coming. I mean nobody. When I first saw it, I thought the kicker shanked the ball. But the element of surprise worked. it didn’t look like the kick went the required ten yards. But a startled Colt touched the ball, and the Saints recovered fair and square.

Conventional NFL wisdom is that about the only way to beat the Colts is to keep the ball away from Peyton Manning. The Saints decided to apply that conventional wisdom in an unconventional way. And it worked.

So, again, this was a fun game to watch, congratulations to the victors, and here’s hoping my Packers will be in Super Bowl XLV.

Onward to baseball season!

Super Sunday

The Super Bowl starts in about four hours. I’m wearing my Aaron Rodgers jersey since I wish the Packers were playing, but I’ll be rooting for the Saints. In 43 seasons as a franchise, this is their first Super Bowl trip. As someone who grew up rooting for perpetually losing teams, I feel Saints fans’ pain. It would be good to see them win. Peyton Manning and the Colts got their rings a few years ago. I was rooting for them that day, not least because they played against the Bears.

After the game is over, an excruciatingly long 13 day wait begins. On that glorious day of February 20,  pitchers and catchers report for spring training. And my Brewers are looking pretty good this year. Their offense still looks top-notch. And they’ve done about as much as they could to improve their league-worst pitching staff. New pitching coach, lots of roster turnover. Can’t wait to see if the moves do any good.

Regulation of the Day 110: Watching the Super Bowl

Hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday? You might be interested to know that it is technically illegal to watch the Super Bowl on a tv larger than 55 inches under certain conditions.

Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson was kind enough to look through 17 USC 1.110 and lay out what’s legal and what isn’t.

This is serious stuff. The NFL sued a church three years ago for holding a Superbowl party… and won.

(hat tip to my fiancée)

Regulation of the Day 88: College Football’s Playoff System

College football is bringing big bucks to K Street as lawmakers take aim at dismantling the Bowl Championship Series,” says a recent story in Politico.

A six-figure sum is being spent lobbying what really shouldn’t be a government issue. Millions more are being spent on other issues affecting college sports.

There’s even a PlayOff PAC that gives money to politicians who take an active stance on college football playoff reform.

True, the BCS playoff system could definitely use an overhaul. But that’s a job for the NCAA. Not Congress.

On the other hand, legislators do considerably less harm when they spend their time on college football instead of, say, health care or fiscal stimulus.

Misleading Statistics

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson won an executive-of-the-year award today.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Greg Bedard asks if it is a kiss of death for the team.

Let’s leave aside the fact that the award has no cause-and-effect relationship on the outcome of football games.

Bedard writes that in the year after winning the award, “Only four times in those 13 years did the executives win the Lombardi Trophy.”

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Only one of them can win the Super Bowl. That’s a 1-in-32 shot.

Call me crazy, but 4-in-13 actually sounds pretty good.