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Today is Opening Day

At least it is for my Brewers. The A’s and Mariners played two games in Japan last week, Miami and St. Louis christened the Marlins’ new stadium on Wednesday, and a good chunk of the league began the season yesterday. Today, the Brewers and the other remaining teams get their start.

They open up at home against the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals (1-0). That championship came at Milwaukee’s expense, in a heartbreaking repeat of 1982. So the rivalry is a little more intense than it was this time last year, even though Tony LaRussa, Albert Pujols, and Prince Fielder have all moved on.

By my calculations from Wikipedia’s handy formula, I put the Brewers’ magic number to clinch their division at 163. Any combination of Brewer wins and Cardinal losses adding up to 163 makes the Brewers NL Central champs.

It is far, far too early to be calculating this kind of thing, but that’s precisely why it’s so much fun. This blog will be keeping an eye on the magic number throughout the season.

Opening Day Is Here

Baseball is back! Here’s hoping my Brewers end their season the same way the Packers ended theirs — with a Super Bowl victory.

The most entertaining part of following the Brewers is Bob Uecker, their radio announcer. He had two heart surgeries last year and missed a large chunk of the season. But he’s feeling much better now, and is still cracking jokes.

The Wall Street Journal profiled him today. It’s worth a read. Note that the article describes his partner in the booth, Cory Provus, as his straight man; one hears a lot more than baseball when Uecker calls a game.