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CEI Podcast for April 5, 2012: The Export-Import Bank

Have a listen here.

Every year, Washington spends more than $90 billion on corporate welfare – giving taxpayer dollars to private businesses. The Export-Import Bank is one of the most flagrant corporate welfare programs. A vote to reauthorize it recently failed both Houses of Congress, but will likely come up again soon. Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray thinks the Export-Import Bank should become an ex-bank.

Regulation of the Day 112: Importing Pork Rinds

The federal government is loosening its restrictions on importing pork rinds from Brazil. Rudolph Foods, Inc., an Ohio company, owns a factory in Brazil, and stands to benefit from the ruling.

Competitors are up in arms. Citing exotic illnesses like foot-and-mouth disease, one competitor told The Wall Street Journal, “It just takes one pig” that is infected to spread a disease… “The risk is low, but the consequences are really high.”

If that is his strongest argument, then the case against liberalization is as weak as it gets. Instead of using the power of government to hobble its rivals, this company should go out and improve its product. Make its pork rind recipe even tastier. And cheaper. Use the import liberalization to its own advantage if possible.

Regulation of the Day 104: Haggis

Haggis is the national dish of Scotland. It has also been banned in the United States since 1989. Some of its ingredients are illegal for humans to consume in the U.S.

I won’t list what those ingredients are; they’re a bit hard to stomach (that would also be one of the ingredients). But having tried a small amount of haggis while in Scotland, I can testify that it doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds.

Fortunately, the haggis ban may soon be reversed. There has been no evidence of harm from eating offal ingredients. People have been eating haggis for centuries and been just fine. American shores may soon be teeming with the latest Scottish culinary innovations, including haggis nachos and haggis pizza.