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The Decline and Fall of Modern Art

Headline: Logger hauls away sculpture mistaken for wood pile

The sculptor told CTV, “I think I’ll have to have a sign put up, but part of the art is to work in harmony with nature surrounding it.”

Fortunately, he seems to have taken the incident in good humor.


Government Is a Third Bigger Than You Think

Today’s Washington Times briefly quotes me making that point:

“A regulatory monster is eating America’s economy. Not only do federal regulations cost Americans more than the income tax, they cost about as much as the entire GDP of Canada,” analyst Ryan Young tells Beltway. “Since regulatory costs don’t show up in the budget, more than a trillion dollars of government’s cost go largely unnoticed. The burden of government is actually about a third larger than most people think.”

For more, see Wayne Crews’ forthcoming 2010 edition of Ten Thousand Commandments.

Regulation of the Day 105: Not Driving Your Car

John Delacey of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, received a court summons for keeping a car in his driveway and not driving it.

The car, which he bought for his daughter, needs new brakes. He claims it is otherwise in good condition, and not an eyesore. Delacey had been saving up money for the repair.

Here’s the really shameful part:

“City property inspectors became involved when someone in the neighbourhood complained about the car.”

It would have been considerate of the offended neighbor to talk to Mr. Delacey first. Maybe they could have come to a compromise (economist Ronald Coase‘s preferred solution). Instead, he went right to the authorities.

Take a look at some other St. John’s by-laws here.

(Hat tip to Jonathan Moore)