Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

Rather different from the Mel Brooks version. It is also structured similarly to the movie Inception. It starts with a sailor’s letters to his sister during an Arctic voyage. He happens upon Frankenstein, who tells his story to the sailor, who relates it in his letters home. Frankenstein runs into hist monster in the middle of his story, who then tells his story to Frankenstein, who relays it to the sailor, who re-relays it in his letters home. From there its works it way back up one level at a time, back to Frankenstein’s story, and ends with the sailor’s letters, written in his own voice.

There is also an unattributed cameo appearance of Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarian calculus, which was gaining fame right around Shelley’s time. Frankenstein is also regarded as one of, if not the, very first modern science fiction story. It’s a good story, too, with many poignant turns of phrase.


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