Most Popular Posts in 2012

It’s year-end list season, so here are this year’s ten most popular posts:

  1. Regulation of the Day 221: Miniature Golf Courses
    Federal mini golf policy is surprisingly detailed.
  2. Regulation of the Day 212: Locating Your Newsstand
    New York City newsstand shut down for being located 4 inches too close to the curb.
  3. Hurricane Sandy Begins
    Probably only made the list because of the awesome picture.
  4. Regulation of the Day 91: Horse Floaters
    Rent-seeking veterinarians use regulation to put a long-time competitor out of business.
  5. Stubbs for Mayor
    Fifteen years ago, a tail-less kitten named Stubbs was elected mayor of an Alaskan town. He’s still in office, and doing a fine job.
  6. Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Lemonade Stand Edition
    Regulators continue to shut down kids’ lemonade stands, despite inevitable bad publicity.
  7. A Rational View of the Presidency
    Short writeup of Gene Healy’s excellent new e-book, False Idol.
  8. Regulation of the Day 223: Fred Flintstone Cars
    German auto engineer makes replica Fred Flintstone car; regulators forbid him to drive it.
  9. Regulation of the Day 129: Droves of Animals on Streets
    Under DC law, it is perfectly legal to herd cattle down K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue — if you follow certain old-timey regulations.
  10. Regulation of the Day 150: Toy Guns
    8-year old boy suspended from school for two years for bringing a toy gun to school.

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