Bill to Regulate Political Speech Fails

The Hill:”Senate fails to advance campaign finance bill

The First Amendment: “Congress shall pass no law… abridging the freedom of speech.”

Good news for anyone who wants to engage in political speech. But how sad that this happened because of politics, not principle.

It was mostly Democrats who favored the DISCLOSE Act. And according to today’s Senate vote, it was only Democrats who favored the bill. But Republicans are no heroes on this issue. Don’t believe their posturing. If the political winds were currently favoring Democrats, Republicans would be working their tails off to pass similar legislation.

The primary effect of campaign finance regulation is to stack the rules of the game in favor of incumbents. Both parties know this. And both parties will seek to use campaign finance regulation to their advantage however they can.

3 responses to “Bill to Regulate Political Speech Fails

  1. How the fuck is disclosure “abridging freedom of speech.” There’s nothing wrong with knowing who paid for an ad, especially when it contains lies.

  2. There’s no violation of free speech there. How would the DISCLOSE act be significantly different than the government regulating that food producers must label nutritional, production, origin, etc information on the can/bottle?

    You’re being ridiculous.

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