Regulation of the Day 79: Auctioneers in Alabama

It is illegal to conduct an auction without a license in Alabama. Unlicensed auctioneers can be punished with fines of up to $500.

Applicants must pay nearly a thousand dollars for 85 hours of coursework. 8 additional hours are required every two years to keep the license.

It’s worth asking: Does this benefit anyone besides the people teaching the courses and the auctioneers who get to limit the amount of competition they have to face?


2 responses to “Regulation of the Day 79: Auctioneers in Alabama

  1. Ryan,

    Personally, I’m terrified of a world where an UNQUALIFIED, and UNREGULATED gentleman may attempt to sell me an object. It may interest you to know that many states require licensure of auctioneers. In addition, Wisconsin requires the following professions to have licenses:

    Aesthetics Instructor
    Art Therapist
    Barbers Apprentice
    Dance Therapist
    Manicuring Instructor

    and so on.

    My favorite is “Peddler.” I have no idea what this is.