Regulation of the Day 74: Grass Length in Jupiter, Florida

In Jupiter, Florida, residents whose lawns are taller than eight inches risk $250 per day fines. The city council voted last night on raising the fines to $1,000 per day.

Jupiter, of course, is about as far away from America as one can get.

But wait, there’s more:

The town code regulates items such as when garbage cans can be placed outside, noise volume, parking of boats, heights of fences, the number of tenants and landscaping. Lawns cannot be higher than eight inches in developed residential areas.

One response to “Regulation of the Day 74: Grass Length in Jupiter, Florida

  1. most communities regulate all of those things, and have similar (if not as extreme) fines.

    one usually only learns about them when they are inflicted upon them due to complaints that lead to compliance checks, but the ordinances are there in most places