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Does Water Cure Dehydration?

In which I am “interviewed” by my colleague William Yeatman about a recent Regulation of the Day. Click here if the embedded video doesn’t work.

CEI Podcast for July 14, 2011: The Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

Have a listen here.

Earlier this week, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt gave a speech at a conference on free enterprise. Energy Policy Analyst William Yeatman points out the irony of a career rent-seeker extolling free markets. GE spent $47 million in 2007 lobbying for an incandescent light bulb ban, cap-and-trade carbon regulations, and other government policies that would tilt the playing field in GE’s favor; its compact fluorescent and LED bulbs offer a higher profit margin.Yeatman also discusses a bill currently winding through Congress that would repeal the lightbulb ban.


CEI Podcast for February 3, 2011: The EPA vs. West Virginia

Have a listen here.

Energy Policy Analyst William Yeatman looks over the EPA’s recent decision to deny a mining permit in Logan County, West Virginia that would have created 250 jobs. William believes the EPA has overestimated the proposed mine’s environmental effects. Jobs, he contends, are being treated as less important than bugs. The decision has also set up a heated political conflict between West Virginia and Washington, D.C.