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What Do You Do?

In Washington, the first question people ask you is usually, “what do you do?”

“I’m an economist,” I answer. “I work at a think tank.”

“Oh,” the usual response goes. Followed by an immediate change of subject.

So I’m not a hit on the DC cocktail party circuit. But this quotation made me swell with pride when I read it:

“Economics is not a dry subject. It is not a dismal subject. It is not about statistics. It is about human life. It is about the ideas that motivate human beings. It is about how men act from birth until death. It is about the most important and interesting drama of all–human action”

-Percy Greaves

Hat tip: the Foundation for Economic Education, which did much to introduce me to the economic way of thinking when I was younger, and continues to educate and inspire me today.