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Don Boudreaux on Trade

This video is a quick primer on trade from George Mason University economics professor (and CEI adjunct) Don Boudreaux, who literally wrote the book about it. Well, a book about it; see also here and here for quality reading on trade, not to mention Fran Smith and Nick DeLong’s new CEI study, “Free Trade without Apology.” Click here if the embedded video doesn’t work.

Art Carden on the Broken Window Fallacy

Good stuff. If the embedded video doesn’t work, click here.

Top 3 Myths about Immigration

According to Suffolk University economics professor Ben Powell, the three most common immigration myths are that immigrants are a drag on the economy, they steal our jobs, and that they depress wages. The evidence for those assertions is so weak that it takes Powell less than two and a half minutes to debunk them.

As he concludes, “whatever your position on immigration was before, if one of these three myths was holding you back, this should push you more on the margin toward wanting more open borders, not less.”

Public Choice 101

Ben Powell does a great job of explaining why it’s easy for spending to go up, but hard for it to go down. Well worth two minutes of your time.

Are the Poor Getting Poorer?

Steve Horwitz thinks the poor are better off than they used to be. The data agree with him.