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A Libertarian Case for Santorum?

Rick Santorum is to libertarianism as oil is to water. They just don’t mix. But the ever-clever John Samples sees one reason why libertarians shouldn’t be too upset if he wins the GOP nomination:

I think he would drive more secular and independent voters away from the GOP ticket. A ten-point Republican loss in a year when economic weakness suggested a close race would be a political disaster not just for the candidate and his party but also for the ideas they embody. Rick Santorum could be the George McGovern of his party.

Such a disaster might open the door for a different kind of GOP along lines indicated earlier, a party of free markets, moral pluralism, and realism in foreign affairs.

I’m not about to become a Santorum supporter, but John makes a good point. A big Santorum loss would do a lot to marginalize neoconservatives and the religious right within the GOP. This can only be a good thing.