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What Drives the Filibuster Debate

A strange thing about many partisans is that their stances on some issues are determined entirely by which party controls Congress. Take the filibuster fight happening right now in the Senate. Republicans, the minority party, want a strong filibuster so they can block Democratic legislation and appointees. Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, is pondering weakening or even abolishing the filibuster.

Barton Hinkle points out that back in 2005, the tables were turned 180 degrees. Senator Reid was very vocal in his support for a strong filibuster, so that his party could block the then-majority GOP’s bills and President Bush’s nominees. And the GOP was just as vocal about wanting to get rid of it.

Read the whole article here. Practically everyone named comes across as hack-tastic.


Sen. Richard Shelby, Thief

One reason Democrats were so upset about losing their 60th Senate seat was that it would make it easier for Republicans to obstruct legislation.

Fair enough. But the revived possibility of a filibuster may turn out to be the least of their worries.

Sen. Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, has placed a hold on more than 70 of President Obama’s nominees.

His motivations are not partisan. He wants money. A lot of it. If Democrats simply throw a few billion federal dollars at his home state, he promises to release his holds.

Basically, Sen. Shelby is requesting a wealth transfer from federal taxpayers – that’s you and me – to politically favored groups in Alabama. Presumably the earmarks would make him look good to Alabama voters. Sen. Shelby is up for re-election this November. Who doesn’t like free goodies? Vote for Shelby!

But they aren’t free. The money to pay for them has to come from somewhere – us. Let us mince no words, then. Sen. Shelby is a thief. What a shame that such stealing is perfectly legal.