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Libertarianism.org Launches

Cato has held the libertarianism.org domain name for a long time. They used it to promote David Boaz’s Libertarianism: A Primer and The Libertarian Reader, both published in 1997. But the site has been dormant for many years.

After much hard work, libertarianism.org relaunched yesterday as an all-encompassing resource on classical liberalism. It has reading lists of classic libertarian books — as well as the best books critical of liberalism. It has short and long videos of thinkers like Hayek, Friedman, and Rothbard. It has articles on everything from rights theory to the history of liberalism. There is also a blog.

I’m at work right now, so I can’t browse through it as much as I’d like. But something tells me I will be spending a fair amount of time there when I’m not at the office. In the meantime, take a look for yourself if you like.

Worth a Thousand Words

From today’s Washington Post:

Via David Boaz, who adds,

Does this look like the record of policymakers making sensible decisions, running surpluses in good year and deficits when they have to “address national security and economic emergencies”? Of course not. Once Keynesianism gave policymakers permission to run deficits, they spent with abandon year after year.