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Breaking Down the Budget Debate

In this new CEI video, my colleague Lee Doren and I talk about the budget debate.

CEI Podcast for April 14, 2011: Avoiding a Government Shutdown

Have a listen here.

Warren Brookes Journalism Fellow Kathryn Ciano analyzes the Continuing Resolution passed by the House today that will keep the federal government open for another 6 months. She also looks at proposals from President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan to reduce the budget deficit over the next decade.

Disappointing, but Not Surprising

Headline from The Hill – “Pay-go gets passed, then it gets bypassed

Pay-go budgeting rules — that any spending increases must be offset with spending cuts or tax hikes elsewhere — have loopholes big enough to drive a truck through. One of them, the emergency exemption, is invoked as early as the second sentence of the article.

In theory, pay-go is supposed to be a way to slow the growth of government. But it’s all for show. Nobody really means it. Just invoke the emergency exemption. Then spend all you like. Appearances matter, especially in Washington. But they should not be confused with reality. And reality is that Congress is going to spend and spend some more, no matter what budgeting rules are in place.

Shame on them for trying to make people think otherwise.