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TSA Officers Jailed for $40,000 Theft from Checked Baggage

My first advice for traveling with valuables is don’t. But if you must, don’t check them. If they won’t fit in your carry-on, consider FedEx or UPS.

Hopefully we’ll see fewer stories like that going forward, and more like John Deschamp’s. He is a TSA screener who found $5,000 in cash and turned it in instead of pocketing it.

Note to Self: Travel More

Travel is most rewarding while you are young, before a career takes hold — with all the mistakes and unintended consequences; or when you are old, and enough is behind you so that acceptance of what has happened becomes a simple necessity, and you have the freedom once again to think about nothing except the immediate landscape.

-Robert D. Kaplan, Mediterranean Winter, p. 128.

That is one convoluted sentence. But the advice is sound.