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Another Good Month

Sometime last night, and for the third time in four months, this blog set a record for monthly traffic.

Thanks for reading, and tell your friends.

Another Good Month

Some time last night, this month became this blog’s most-trafficked month, knocking January 2012 from its lofty perch.

Thanks for reading, and tell your friends.

A Good Month

Sometime last night, this became the most-trafficked month in this blog’s six-year history. And it’s only the 26th. Thanks to all for reading.

Live-Blogging the State of the Union Address

I’ll be live-blogging tonight’s State of the Union address for, CEI’s blog. Coverage will start around 8:30 PM EST. Click here to follow along.

I’ll paste the post over to this blog sometime after the event.

Light Blogging Ahead

I’ll be out of town for a few days, and mostly off-grid.

Regular blogging will resume mid-week.


Most-Trafficked Posts of 2011

Here are this year’s ten most popular posts:

1. Fuzzy Math on Foreign Aid Shows Why Spending Cuts Are Difficult
People overestimate government spending on things they don’t like, and underestimate it on what they do like.

2. Obama’s Libya Speech Summarized in One Sentence
“I have decided to repeat George Bush’s mistakes.”

3. Here’s to You, Doug Rogers
Wish I never had to write this. Doug was a good friend who passed away.

4. Regulation of the Day 178: Helping Tornado Victims
A man was escorted out of town by police for helping people clean up after a tornado. He wasn’t licensed to work within city limits.

5. Department of Redundancy Department
The government has several of them.

6. Interesting Correlation
Countries where kids live with their parents longer tend to have more government debt.

7. 140 New Regulations in Florida
There are some doozies.

8. Regulation of the Day 135: Mustache Nets
Facial hair is regulated in the restaurant industry.

9. Regulation of the Day 91: Horse Floaters
One example of how regulations can deny people their right to earn an honest living.

10. Regulation of the Day 163: Switchblades
Maine proposes legalizing switchblades — but only for people with one arm.

Light Blogging Ahead

I will be away visiting family and friends for the rest of the week, which means I’ll have better things to do than blog. I might chime in if something juicy hits the news, but more likely not.

I have, however, scheduled a series of posts in advance, mostly quotes from books I’ve read recently. One or two will pop up per day, so check in regularly.

Regular blogging will resume on Monday.

Hurricane Irene Update

Here’s another natural disaster-related note for family and friends who may be worried. DC will escape the worst. Everyone here should be just fine.

Around dinnertime tonight we’ll start to see sustained 40 mph winds. The rain should total 2 to 4 inches. Our friends on the coast won’t be so lucky; hopefully the damage there won’t be severe. But in these parts, it will be more like a bad rainstorm than a hurricane. Some people will probably lose power, but that’s par for the course during a bad storm. Nobody seems to be panicking. Nobody in the Inertia Wins household is, at least.

Stay safe, everyone. And dry.

DC Earthquake

Just a quick note to friends and family who read this blog that everyone in DC is ok. A wit posted a picture of the damage if you care to take a look.

I have heard rumors of buildings collapsing further south in Culpeper, Virginia and Louisa County, Virginia, near the epicenter. There is less humor to be found there; hope everyone’s alright.