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CEI Podcast for May 14, 2014: Federal Ban on Online Gambling?

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CEI Fellow Michelle Minton discusses why a federal ban on online gambling would be counterproductive.

CEI Podcast for May 8, 2014: The Future of Self-Driving Cars

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Marc Scribner talks about his new paper, “Self-Driving Regulation.”

CEI Podcast for April 29, 2014: Ten Thousand Commandments

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The 2014 edition of Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State is out now. Author Wayne Crews discusses the study, the need for government transparency, and the urgency of reform.

CEI Podcast for April 23, 2014: Reforming Fannie and Freddie

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Senior Fellow John Berlau argues that a bill from Senators Tim Johnson and Mike Crapo intended to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would only make things worse.

CEI Podcast for April 17, 2014: Brexit Strategy

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Iain Murray, CEI’s Vice President for Strategy, along with Freedom Association Director Rory Broomfield, won second place in the Institute for Economic Affairs’ Brexit Competition. The goal of the competition is to devise a strategy for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

CEI Podcast for April 9, 2014: A Consumer’s Guide to Chemical Risks

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Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini talks about her new Consumer’s Guide to Chemical Risk.

CEI Podcast for April 3, 2014: Clean Air Act Costs and Benefits

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Senior Fellow William Yeatman is skeptical of an EPA report claiming the Clean Air Act will have nearly $2 trillion in annual benefits by 2020.

CEI Podcast for March 27, 2014: Bait and Reciprocal Switch

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CEI Fellow Marc Scribner talks about his new paper, “Bait and Reciprocal Switch: Forced Access Regulation Threatens the Rail Renaissance.”

CEI Podcast for March 12, 2014: CEI Turns 30

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. Founder and Chairman Fred Smith reflects on CEI’s accomplishments and what the next 30 years will hold.

CEI Podcast for March 6, 2014: The ALERT Act and Regulatory Transparency

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Last week was Stop Government Abuse Week in Congress, and the House passed a number of reform bills that would increase government transparency. One of the bills that passed, the ALERT Act, was partially based on reform ideas from CEI Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews.