New Paper Out Today: Terrible Tech 2.0

My colleagues Jessica Melugin, Wayne Crews, Iain Murray, Patrick Hedger, John Berlau, and I have a new paper out today, Terrible Tech 2.0: The Most Burdensome, Anti-Consumer Technology Policy Proposals in Washington. We examine 25 of the worst tech-related bills and policies to come out of Washington in the last two years.

The full paper is here.

A press release summarizing the main findings is here.

My quote from the press release:

“Technology has been an essential part of the COVID-19 response,” said senior fellow Ryan Young. “New technologies have made a difficult lockdown easier by enabling contactless grocery deliveries, remote work and school, telemedicine, kept friends and family connected, and even provided some levity with streaming media like Tiger King. The tech regulations we examine in our paper would hurt the COVID-19 response. They would lock in existing technologies and block new ones, make it harder for people to find work, give established big companies an unfair advantage over startups, censor political speech, and put politics over people—not to mention their health.”


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