3,000th Post

This is not a very active blog, even in the best of times. But it has somehow made it to 3,000 posts since it began in September of 2005.

This site has evolved over time from a young writer practicing his craft and trying out ideas with, ahem, varying success, into mostly an archive for my published work. While I don’t post original content as often anymore, I will continue to maintain this site.

There is plenty more content on the way on that front. I have a new paper coming out later this week, two co-authored papers in the pipeline, and forthcoming op-eds and other commentary.

I am far behind on a long slew of book reviews, which judging by traffic statistics are a popular feature here, and the main source of original content. The reviews provide a searchable (and citable) archive I can turn to when doing research. They help me remember who made what argument, or revive a long-forgotten point relevant to something I’m currently working on. The very exercise of writing them forces me think more deeply about a writer’s ideas. This is helpful whether I agree or disagree–or more usually, both at the same time. In one case, a review was excerpted for a cover blurb on the paperback edition of one of my favorite books.

The urgency of coming up with helpful, coherent, and lasting policy responses to COVID-19 has caused me to neglect non-COVID-related projects. It’s worth it, but as I’ve been pointing out for years, tradeoffs are everywhere. Eventually normalcy will return, in writing as well as in life. Until then, please wear a mask in public and make prudent decisions. We’ll get through this.


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