In the News: Pro Act

The Washington Examiner‘s Sean Higgins quotes me in an article on the PRO Act, a labor policy bill the House will likely vote on this Thursday:

That’s close enough to card check, said Ryan Young, senior fellow for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, since it means that unions could in theory be granted recognition even if it is unclear whether they would have won an election. “The PRO Act shifts the burden of proof onto the employer for proving they didn’t interfere in an election,” Young said. “Currently, it’s innocent until proven guilty. The PRO Act would reverse that.”

The PRO Act rules would encourage unions to try to game the system by pushing for recognition if they feel the current NLRB is sympathetic, Young said. The board’s majority is nominated by the president and as a result typically moves along with the current administration.

Read the whole thing here. I previously wrote about the PRO Act here.

I will also be doing a radio interview later today with Rick Trader on his syndicated Conservative Commandos show.


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