An Honest Politician

From page 427 of Douglas Irwin’s Clashing Over Commerce: A History of U.S. Trade Policy:

When asked why he had supported President Hoover’s bid for a flexible tariff provision but now opposed Roosevelt’s similar request, Harold Knutson (R-MN) replied: “Frankly, I know the purpose of this legislation is to lower rates. If I thought for a minute that it was proposed to raise rates to meet the present conditions, I would vote for this legislation and be glad of the opportunity to do so.”

Both sides have good points in the strategic debate over achieving short-term results vs. the long-term sanctity of process and procedure. I personally lean towards preserving process, even when it leads to defeats on policy issues. Never give yourself powers you wouldn’t want the other side to have, and all that. Kudos to Knutson for being the rare man in Washington who made plain where he stood, even if it’s opposite me.


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