Who Really Benefits from Economic Freedom?

From p. 40 of Don Boudreaux’s short new volume The Essential Hayek, in which Don performs the valuable service of putting Hayek’s most important ideas in plain, accessible English:

[P]eople often regard the case for economic freedom to be chiefly a case for the freedom of business. This is a mistake. At root, the case for economic freedom is a case for the freedom of consumers.

You can download a free copy of the book in PDF format here. The Fraser Institute, which published the book, also put together an accompanying website with videos and other materials.

I highly recommend reading at least the first two chapters, in which Don takes a Leonard Read/I, Pencil approach to books, paper, and ink. It’s as clear and vivid an explanation of Hayekian spontaneous order as I’ve ever seen, and it reads quickly and easily.

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