Today is my last day working at CEI’s Washington office. Next week, my wife and I are moving to the Chicago area. I will remain a CEI Fellow and work remotely.

Readers of this blog won’t notice many changes. I will continue to cover the same suite of regulatory, monetary, and financial issues I always have. I will merely be much colder when writing about them.

The reason for the move is family. We’re Midwesterners by birth as well as temperament, and much as we love DC, ten years away is enough. We’re looking forward to being closer to our families and, we hope, to starting a family of our own soon.

I would like to express sincere gratitude to all of my colleagues, especially CEI founder Fred Smith and his wife Fran, for whom I interned back when I was a grad student (and coauthored a paper). My boss and frequent co-author Wayne Crews has done as much as anybody to help build my professional career. Over the last year, I have begun to work closely with Iain Murray, and look forward to continuing to collaborate with and learn from him on a variety of issues. Lawson Bader has proven to be absolutely the right choice to succeed Fred as president, and CEI is soaring to new heights under his leadership.

It has been a privilege to work with them and all of our other colleagues for the last six years–and my privilege it will continue to be. Thank you all.


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