Regulations: The Tax You Don’t See

Over at Human Events, Lawson Bader and I have a piece pointing out that though taxes and budgets dominate the news, regulations are just as important:

One reason [regulation] gets so little attention is that most regulations are the technical, dry stuff that most people don’t care about until it affects them. For example, the business owner who is forced to spend thousands of dollars to move light switches to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules. Or the land owner who cannot build on his property because there’s a rare species of salamander also living there, lest he fall afoul of the Endangered Species Act.

Another reason is a lack of transparency. Many headline-worthy regulatory stories stay buried in difficult-to-access government documents, or are never disclosed at all. By way of contrast, in Congress, legislation is at least subject to public hearings and open floor debate. Lawmakers’ votes are a matter of public record that voters can take into account. Regulatory agencies face no such scrutiny.

Read the whole thing here.


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