Regulatory Reform: A Winning Debate Issue

I missed most of yesterday’s debate. My wife and I thought it would be more intellectually stimulating to see a play about professional wrestling instead. After reading some of the coverage this morning, we were right.

The main reason is that both candidates missed the opportunity to talk about one of the most important issues facing America today: regulation. In a piece that ran yesterday over at Fox Business, Wayne Crews and I try to tell both candidates that regulatory reform is a winning issue not just for economic recovery and innovation, but with voters:

In this election, voters are paying more attention than usual to the broader issue of the size and role of government. Interestingly, a growing segment of the public seems to believe that government is too big and tries to do too much. And one of the biggest vehicles for government growth is regulation. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney would do well to acknowledge that fact with a bit more than the usual lip service…

Transparency resonates with voters across the political spectrum. In short, measuring and controlling regulation can be a winning issue. It would be nice to hear one (or both!) of the candidates acknowledge as much on national television.

Read the whole thing here.
Fortunately, there are still two presidential debates left. Hopefully President Obama and Governor Romney will see fit to discuss this important issue during at least one of them.

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