Why Opinion Pages Are Insipid

Benjamin Constant, in 1815, presciently describes nearly every U.S. newspaper’s editorial page two centuries later, from David Brooks on the right to E.J. Dionne on the left:

The ambition of the writers of the day is at all times to seem more convinced than anyone else of the reigning opinion. They watch which way the crowd is rushing. They dash as fast as they can to overtake it. They think thereby to acquire glory for providing an inspiration they actually got from others.”

-Benjaimin Constant, Principles of Politics Applicable to All Governments, p.4.

As opposed to, say, thinking for oneself and consistently applying the basic principles one believes in.

One response to “Why Opinion Pages Are Insipid

  1. Dude, this op-ed reflects what everyone has already started thinking! You just ran ahead to overtake this idea and claim it as your own. Do yourself a favor and read Benjaimin Constant’s Principles of Politics Applicable to All Governments.