Small Mercies: At Least He’s an Ex-Congressman

The Hill: GOP ex-Rep. Hoekstra: FBI, CIA should vet candidates’ citizenship

This birther nonsense just refuses to die. Also notice that, at least to my knowledge, every single birther opposes President Obama. Not a single one says, “I agree with him, though I think he was born in Kenya.” Weird, huh?

It’s not enough to simply disagree with his policies. They have a need to make it personal. “I disagree with him, therefore he must be ineligible for office.” This is not a healthy mindset.

If anything, I think the U.S. citizenship requirement should be abolished. In 1812, it might have mattered quite a bit if a foreigner — a British citizen, perhaps? — became President. Here in 2012, that once-wise policy is no longer needed.


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