Rick Moranis, Economist

Rick Moranis is an actor, comedian, and writer. Among other roles, he played Dark Helmet in Spaceballs, one of my favorite movies. Turns out he also knows a bit about the economic way of thinking. Here he is in today’s Wall Street Journal:

This morning, while I was grinding my blend of French, Colombian and Italian coffee beans, it occurred to me that I could be doing harm to the coffee shop and diner businesses in my neighborhood by making my own coffee at home. Might I have a responsibility and obligation to consume their product, either within their premises or brought right to my door by one of their speedy, undocumented-alien delivery men?

How much of this country’s economy am I personally destroying by my consumption preferences? I honestly never intended to do so much harm.

Read the whole thing.

One response to “Rick Moranis, Economist

  1. I admit: I have already been swayed by the financial doom-and-gloomers concerning the economy. Has someone identified any ray of optimism throughout this “recession”?