Rest in Peace, Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens passed away last night from complications related to esophageal cancer. He was 62. He was also one of the most entertaining pundits on either side of the Atlantic. He was often in error, never in doubt, hyper-educated but not pedantic, and he possessed an unparalleled command of the English language. His prose is a joy to read, whether or not one agrees with his arguments.

One reason I admire Hitchens is his willingness to champion unpopular causes when he thought them just. Take for example his unapologetic, unadulterated hatred of Christmas — a loathing I have shared for many years.

In this short video, he compares the holiday season to life in a one-party state. This is that magical time of year when you can’t go anywhere without hearing the same music everywhere.  Or without hearing talk of the Great Leader and His son, the Dear Leader — the reason for the season. And so on. Click here if the embedded video doesn’t work. Note: contains a bit of adult language.

Rest in peace, Christopher Hitchens. You lived a heck of a life. Pity it couldn’t have been a longer one.


One response to “Rest in Peace, Christopher Hitchens

  1. What a terrible loss for all of us whom he made laugh, think, read for the sheer joy of seeing how his thoughts flowed so elegantly onto paper; listening to his equally elegant voice in debates or speeches; for saying things many of us think but don’t say, and taking the heat for of us. And for increasing my vocabulary with his judicious placement of amazing words, using one in cases where it would take most of us a sentence to say the same thing. In fact, there’s probably a word for that, but only Hitch knows what it is. I miss him already.

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