TSA Gropes 6-Year Old Girl

Sometimes people wonder why I favor abolishing the TSA outright and putting airlines in charge of their own security. One reason is incentives. If airlines don’t keep people safe, they go out of business. That’s a powerful incentive to have high standards.

The TSA’s incentives aren’t geared towards performance — and it shows. Instead, its incentives are geared toward growing its budget and expanding its mission.

That’s the primary intellectual argument. But some reasons for getting rid of the TSA are more visceral. This video of a TSA agent groping a 6-year old girl shows one of them.


One response to “TSA Gropes 6-Year Old Girl

  1. You can see the TSA agent is doing her best to not frighten the child, but as a parent and grandparent, security probably would have had to detain me after I’d nailed her with my carry on.