Regulation of the Day 159: Playing Chess

Yacahuda Harrison, 49, likes to play chess. He and six of his friends were playing the classic strategy game in an Upper Manhattan park. Their game was broken up by “A squad of cops in bulletproof vests,” The New York Post reports.

This is because it is illegal for adults to be in said park unless they are accompanied by a child under 12 years old. The law is intended to keep molesters away from children.

No children were in the park when Harrison’s chess game was busted.

He and his accomplices were ticketed and have a December 28 court date.


One response to “Regulation of the Day 159: Playing Chess

  1. This is obviously sending the message that if I want to play chess in that park, I just need to find a child 12 years old or younger to go with me first?