Cell Phones Don’t Cause Cancer

Over at the Daily Caller, I debunk the fear that long-term cell phone use can cause brain tumors. San Francisco and Maine already have warning label regulations on the books. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has introduced federal warning label legislation. Here are the main reasons they’re wasting their time:

-Activists promoting the scare only ever mention brain tumors. But you hold your cell phone in your hand. You hold it next to your ear and your jaw. Why no mention of those cancers? Suspicious.

-Most phones only emit one watt of energy. The human body generates about a hundred times that much energy during normal, everyday activity. Adding a single watt to that baseline does nothing to contribute to the DNA damage that can lead to tumor growth.

-Cell phone photons are so weak, they fall short of DNA-damaging energy levels by about a factor of 500,000. So you might have something to worry about if you strapped half a million cell phones to your body. That would be getting crushed to death, not cancer. Phones don’t operate at cancer-causing frequencies.

One response to “Cell Phones Don’t Cause Cancer

  1. Good on you cobber!

    Years ago I had and was treated for a brain tumor.
    Since I was a newly minted ham radio operator (KC7OHS) several people asked if the radio caused the tumor.

    So lets see…
    1)-The doctor thought the tumor had been growing for years, probably close to 30.
    {I was 38 at the time}
    (Thus 29+ years before I even got the radio.)

    2)- I had symptoms of the damage the tumor had caused for at least 10 months before I got my license and radio

    3) License and radio started about 7 months before the tumor was diagnosed.

    So the radio caused the tumor? Right.
    Hard to cause a tumor if it was already there in the first place.

    As an aside: When Kucinich was mayor of Cleveland Ohio he was know in the local media as:
    Dennis the Menace.
    {I know, I was there at the time}

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