Fixing America’s Immigration Black Market

One of the problems with current immigration laws is that they raise the price of immigrating legally. Basic economics tells us that when something costs more, people consume less of it.

That’s why so many of America’s immigrants are turning to dangerous but cheap immigration black markets to enter the country. This is a problem with an obvious solution. In today’s American Spectator, Alex Nowrasteh and I make the case that lowering the cost of legal immigration through liberalization will reduce the amount of illegal immigration, and shrink cruel black markets.

Basic economics wins again.


One response to “Fixing America’s Immigration Black Market

  1. While almost everyone welcomes LEGAL immigrants with open arms, the illegal immigration problem has grown out of control. Before anything can be accomplished to curb the influx of illegal aliens, U.S. borders must be enforced. The double-fencing used at points along our southwestern border has proven to be an effective deterrent and should be, I suggest, developed along this entire region.