Regulation of the Day 121: Cussing

It’s officially “Cuss Free Week” in California. Last Thursday, the state legislature passed a resolution to make the first week of March swearing-free.

Los Angeles County passed a similar measure last year, inspired by 14-year old who has started no-cussing clubs at schools across the country.

The resolution is non-binding, and will not be enforced. There are no First Amendment issues. It’s just a feel-good measure.

What doesn’t feel so good is the fact busy-body legislators feel it is their place to tell you to watch your language.

Then again, all the time they spent crafting cussing legislation was time not spent digging California even deeper into fiscal hell. Might I suggest that the California legislature also pass a non-binding “Eat Your Vegetables Week” resolution?


One response to “Regulation of the Day 121: Cussing

  1. Anonymous Person

    Can we make a No-Signing-Pork-Ridden-Bills-Into-Law week for the legislators who come to inform us not to cuss?

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