Regulation of the Day 86: Cockfighting Advertisements

If you’re thinking of sending out advertisements for a cockfight through the mail, you should be aware that a new regulation allows the postal service to refuse to deliver it.

The same rules also covers advertisements for a “knife, a gaff, or any other sharp instrument attached, or designed or intended to be attached, to the leg of a bird for use in an animal fighting venture.”

Animal fighting is barbaric. And it is illegal in most places. The underground nature of animal fighting makes one wonder how many cockfight promoters actually advertise their events by putting fliers in the mail. Wouldn’t that just make it easier to get arrested?

If so, the USPS should be encouraging such advertising, not banning it. Driving animal fights further underground only makes them harder to eradicate.


One response to “Regulation of the Day 86: Cockfighting Advertisements

  1. How can they do this? This is a 1st admendment issue. So the USPS is going to censor my mail without my consent? I would understand if I file a prohibatory order with them PS 1500, but if I want to read about it? Whats next? Psychics and Witchcraft? Anything not “Christian” I am going to be on one of their mailing lists and I am going to ask only if it is not delivered to me Why? Then I will sue the United States Postal Service for Civil and Constutional Rights Violations (in the same way my hero Larry Flynt did in the 80s)