Hillary: The Movie

There’s a documentary coming out attacking Hillary Clinton. It’s called Hillary: The Movie. The FEC now says the movie is an “electioneering communication,” and they must disclose who their donors are.

I poked around the movie’s website and looked at the previews. It is shallow, partisan hackery. And of course it’s intended to hurt Sen. Clinton’s candidacy. That’s the point!

My point is that political speech shouldn’t be treated any differently than any other kind of speech. The FEC has no business here; it is a shame that McCain-Feingold gives them that power. No criticizing candidates!

The people behind the movie think Clinton’s policies are bad for the country. This is their way of expressing that. I doubt the movie is any good; Ann Coulter is in it, for one. But they have the right to speak their minds, and their funders have the right to anonymity, no matter what the FEC says.

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