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Politico: George W. Bush’s NSA director Michael Hayden praises Obama

CEI Podcast for March 28, 2013: The TSA’s Illegal Body Scanners

tsa body scanner
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The TSA’s controversial full-body scanners were implemented illegally, since the TSA never put them through the required comment-and-review rulemaking process. Despite a court order, the TSA is still dragging its feet on complying with the law. Fellow in Land-use and Transportation Studies Marc Scribner has the latest developments in the case.

TSA to Remove Scanners, Except Not

The good news is that the TSA is getting rid of its backscatter full-body scanners. The bad news is it will be replacing them with millimeter-length full-body scanners, which are similarly ineffective (would-be bombers can simply flatten their explosives into a pancake shape on their torso and go through undetected).

In other news, the TSA continues to hire people like Thomas Harkins. A former priest, Harkins was defrocked for sexually abusing two schoolgirls. He then went to work for the TSA. Fortunately, thanks to a promotion some years back, he is no longer patting down passengers.

I Saw Daddy Pat Down Santa Claus

If you’re a holiday traveler, you will appreciate this song. Click here if the embed doesn’t work.

In related news, due to holiday traveling, there will be limited blogging until late next week. A scheduled post or two will pop up in the meantime, but that’ll be about it. Thanks for reading, and see you then.

CEI Podcast for August 9, 2012: Getting TSA to Follow the Law

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When the TSA installed full-body scanners in airports across the country, it did so illegally. More than a year after a court ordered TSA to open up its full-body scanner policy to public comment, the agency has refused to do so. Land-use and Transportation Policy Analyst Marc Scribner explains how a related lawsuit could force TSA to follow the law, and calls for de-nationalizing airport security.

TSA Thwarts Make-a-Wish Bomber

Reader Geoffrey sends along this picture of his friend’s son being detained by the TSA. The boy has cancer, and was on a trip to Disney sponsored by the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Click to enlarge; original image here.

TSA Roundup

Everyone’s favorite sexy-searchers are back in the news, but not for the right reasons.