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CEI Podcast for October 10, 2013: CEI Files FOIA Requests Over Park Closures

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During the government shutdown, the National Park Service has barricaded and even closed numerous open-air memorials and parks – including, in some cases, privately owned parks. CEI has filed a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to find out who made the decisions and why. Senior Attorney and Counsel for Special Projects Hans Bader discusses the case.

CEI Podcast for October 3, 2013: The Federal Shutdown

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For the 17th time since 1976, the federal government has shut down over a partisan fiscal squabble. Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray gives his thoughts on how it happened, what the consequences will be, and what is at stake.

CEI Podcast for September 26, 2013: “The Cupboard Is Bare”

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On Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opposed the notion of federal spending cuts, saying that “The cupboard is bare” and “There’s no more cuts to make.” This not actually being the case, Senior Communications Director Brian McNicoll lists off a series of programs and departments that should be removed from the very full federal cupboard.

CEI Podcast for August 1, 2013: Is Washington the Next Detroit?

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Fellow in Technology and Entrepreneurship Bill Frezza sees parallels between Detroit’s recent bankruptcy and the federal government’s own fiscal problems. Fortunately, he sees a way out.

The Million-Dollar Bus Stop Breaks

arlington super stop
Arlington, Virginia recently caused a national stir when it built a $1 million bus stop. The prototype “super stop” was intended to be a model for future stops along Columbia Pike. The road has been a target for multiple redevelopment efforts, including a possible 19th-century-style streetcar running along a fixed route.

While the super stop does have a heated concrete floor, it is only partially enclosed, so it doesn’t shelter riders from wind. Riders also quickly found out that its rakishly angled roof doesn’t keep rain out.

Today, the video screen that displays bus arrival times stopped working. The current heatwave proved too much for it to take. A new cooling fan should arrive in the next two weeks. Until then, the super stop will be a bus stop like any other, unless it rains, or is windy. Then it will be worse than other stops.

CEI Podcast for July 11, 2013: Farm Bill Controversy

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Adjunct Fellow Fran Smith breaks down the controversy surrounding this year’s farm bill.

There Is Nothing Left to Cut

The State Department spent $630,000 in an attempt to get more “likes” on Facebook.

CEI Podcast for July 2, 2013: The True Story of European Austerity

europe satellite night
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Warren Brookes Fellow Matthew Melchiorre discusses his new study, which finds that, despite the prevailing narrative of severe austerity across Europe, only 4 countries out of 27 have actually cut taxes and spending.

There Is Nothing Left to Cut

The NSA’s website has a children’s section featuring cartoon mascots and video games.

There Is Nothing Left to Cut

The federal government spent $3.7 million on ex-presidents last year. It’s fair to provide them some security when needed, but this is a bit much — especially since all four living ex-presidents are wealthy men.

Right in line with his spending habits in office, George W. Bush is the worst offender, hooking taxpayers for $1.3 million. Besides racking up an $85,000 phone bill, he also spent $400,000 on office space. Those two items alone almost equal Jimmy Carter’s entire $500,000 tab.