CEI’s Battered Business Bureau: The Week in Regulation

In another busy week, federal agencies issued new regulations for everything from tomato plants to airplane seats.

On to the data:

  • Last week, 76 new final regulations were published in the Federal Register, after 84 the previous week.
  • That’s the equivalent of a new regulation every two hours and 13 minutes.
  • So far in 2015, 2,543 final regulations have been published in the Federal Register. At that pace, there will be a total of 3,329 new regulations this year, far fewer than the usual total of 3,500-plus.
  • Last week, 1,832 new pages were added to the Federal Register, after 1,301 pages the previous week.
  • Currently at 59,940 pages, the 2015 Federal Register is on pace for 78,456 pages.
  • Rules are called “economically significant” if they have costs of $100 million or more in a given year. 21 such rules have been published so far this year, none in the past week.
  • The total estimated compliance cost of 2015’s economically significant regulations ranges from $1.69 billion to $1.81 billion for the current year.
  • 213 final rules meeting the broader definition of “significant” have been published so far this year.
  • So far in 2015, 413 new rules affect small businesses; 57 of them are classified as significant.

Highlights from selected final rules published last week:

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OPIC Interview

On September 30, I appeared on The Wall Street Journal‘s OpinionJournal Live with James Freeman to talk about OPIC. It went well, although my cat Murky makes a surprise cameo near the end of the segment. Such are the perils of working from home.

Here’s the link.

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